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What makes Zach Hyman so dangerous?

Kyle MacGillivary

Feb. 9th 2017

A couple months ago I had done an article wondering if Zach Hyman had what it takes to remain in the NHL.  I think it’s safe to say that Hyman has a bright National Hockey League future ahead of him. 

Hyman is a hard guy to play against, not in the usual sense of speed or skill per say, but because of his size, strength and hockey IQ. Hyman's size often makes him a threat when forechecking, his strength allows him to hem up the opposition along the boards, allowing him to win puck battles.

Hyman’s hockey IQ is exceptional, I have to say it again. Hyman can see things happen before they happen allowing him to get the puck to the open man or out of harms way. Zach's IQ Rivals the likes of superstars like Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane and Conner McDavid. 

Next time you are watching the Leafs, just spend a shift keeping your eye on Hyman.  Watch his speeds and his shifts as the pucks seems to follow him.  Watch him along the boards wearing down the D-Men.

Hyman’s only real downfall is his shot, though don’t underestimate him or he will burn you. Though Hyman’s shot isn’t a major concern for the opposition his passing ability sure is. Look for Zach Hyman to be a very valuable asset as the leafs continue there rebuild

I predict Hyman to be a consistent 40-50 points scorer in his career.

The work ethic displayed by this kid is unbelievable and that is what makes Hyman so successful. He displays the willingness to learn along with the drive to be successful. All this equals a dangerous weapon for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

~Kyle MacGillivary~

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