Meet the 2016-2017 MVP DeMar DeRozen

Andrew MacDonagh

Dec 5th 2016

DeMar DeRozen IS A Toronto Raptor. He proved as much during his Free Agency period this past off season when he refused to speak with any other teams. This is a man who knows what he wants. And what he wants is to play in Toronto.

He does it with an old-school game filled with mid-range jump shots and not dependent on the three-point Home Run Ball. A fierce competitor, Demar DeRozen has given Toronto fans a reason to think about a championship banner being raised at the ACC. And not a blue and white one.

The numbers are starting to reflect the man.

Second in All-Time leading scoring 10,000 career points and counting

Tied for First in career games played with 542

Second in minutes played with 18389 and counting

All-Star Games, Play-off success

You get the idea….

More than the numbers however is the influence DeMar has had in bringing the team back to respectability. With him in the fold the Raptors have now won 3 straight division championships and made their first visit ever to the conference finals last season. The Raptors are relevant.  It’s hard to understand why DeMar is not in the minds of some of the US media. 

DeRozen was recently ranked as the 46th player overall by Sport Illustrated’s Player Rankings. This put him behind the likes of Nic Batum and Rudy Gobert. Fine players in their own regard but certainly not franchise men. Not Double D style. It’s important to consider as well that even if the ranking were only based on team’s winning percentage, he would still have to be in the top 8. DeRozen makes Toronto a winner.

DeMar has a work ethic that is second to none. He can be found on the practise court all hours of the day and night.  This is a low-maintenance superstar. He WANTS to be better, Duane Casey tells us, “he wants to be coached”. Because of all this, his game has evolved from his arrival in Toronto as “one and done” collage man into one of the dominant players in the NBA.

And he is beloved in Toronto.  A city that was forever considered an outpost in the NBA (and maybe still is) had their free agent CHOOSE to stay home. This gave the fans something to believe in. No number or record can represent that. DeMar made a city feel better.

He is also a team man. His friendship with teammate Kyle Lowry is well known around the NBA.  Both take a natural joy in the others success. This apex of this success has come in the way of mutual all-star appearances as well as that conference finals birth. Speaking of birth, even their young kids are best friends.

The man represents a program, an attitude, an importance placed on getting better and he has got better. Not only should DeRozen be ranked in the top 10 players in the NBA, he needs to be in MVP conversation.

Demar DeRozen’s 27.9 rank him 5th in league scoring ahead of powerhouse players like Lillard out in Portland and Durant out in Golden State. His team has the best record of the top 5 scorers in the NBA. He makes the players around him better and he has galvanized the offence of the Toronto Raptors. He is the focus of every defence the Raptors play and he is still the number 5 scorer in the NBA. MVP. Clutch. MVP.

The sky is the limit for the Raptors. DeMar is aware of the Vince Carter comparisons and he embraces them. He knows he is in the conversation for greatest Raptors of all time. He knows to top that list he has one thing left to do.  He needs to win it all. Bring it North.

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Demar DeRosen #10

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​The Big "Flee"

​Cavs Stars Skip Memphis

​Dec 19th 2016

​"These guys put the TITLE in ENTITLEMENT"

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Nothing But Net

Lebron or Jordan

October 19th 2016

Kyle James Mac Gillivary

With the NBA regular season just around the corner, I thought we'd kick it off with a little bit of controversy.

Who's the real king of the hard court LeBron James or Michael Jordan?

Well let's get comparing.

If we take a look at LeBron what we'll see is a somewhat egotistical 1st overall pick. But as we look deeper, we'll see that from the time he was introduced to basketball, he was destined for greatness. By his Jr. Year at St. Vincent's/St . Mary's Catholic high school he was already being touted as future NBA superstar I guess giving him a reason to be egotistical.

When we look at his stats you'll find James is the real deal. So far James has 3 NBA championships, 3 NBA finals MVP'S, 4 regular season MVP'S, appeared in 12 Allstar games, was named Allstar game MVP twice, 10× all-NBA fist team, 2× all-NBA second team, 5× NBA defensive first team, 1 NBA defensive second team, rookie of the Year, a NBA scoring title, Clevelands all time points leader and 2× Mr basketball USA. Wow.  That's a mouthful. Definitely deserves to be in the conversation for greatest of all time.

Now is he as good or better the Michael?

Well fist off I wanna start by stating that Michael Jordan was selected 3rd overall, definitely the most successful 3rd overall pick in the world.

Michael Jordan is a basketball icon but being an icon doesn't necessarily  make you better. Jordan was one of the most marketed athletes of his generation and was instrumental in popularizing the NBA in the 1980s and 1990s. You could probably even go as far as saying we wouldn't have LeBron if it wasn't for Jordan. With that being the case you could pretty much give it to Jordan right there. But that's not what this is about. Its about numbers. Before getting there however lets take a quick look at MJ.

As most people know Michael Jordan, one of the greatest of all time was cut from his high school basketball team during his junior year. Now it wasn't due to lack of ability but due to Jordan's size. The basketball ball coach at the time didn't think someone his size could be affective. Jordan grew 4 inches that year and made the team the following year where he'd go on to average 20 points a game. He was recruited heavily by Duke, Syracuse,Virginia and both North and South Carolina. Now there's no doubt that Jordan was the better athlete, having his choice at professional basketball,baseball or golf.

Now let's get to the numbers . Jordan has 6 NBA championships, 6 finals MVP titles, 5 regular season MVPS, 24 Allstar game appearances, 3 Allstar game MVPS, 10×all-NBA fist team,1 all-NBA second team,1 defensive player of the Year title, 10x scoring titles, rookie of the Year,9× defensive first teams, 3× steals leader and NBA playoff points leader. Another mouthful. The plot thickens....

Now reading that you'd think it's an easy choice. MJ's better then LeBron right? Well just keep in mind LeBron hasn't been it the league as long as Jordan and LeBron is still active, showing no signs of slowing down. So who's the best of all time ? Let me know your opinions or if you think there some one better to compare. Get in touch below!

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