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A Reminder of Patience

Ryan Gray-Wheeler

Feb 9th 2017

When taking over the helm Lou, Shanahan, and Babcock made it extremely clear that Maple Leafs Fans were in for "years" of pain and to remain patient and that this team would be where they wanted them to be in "3-5" years.

Myself, along with our fan base has truly been spoiled thus far this season as our club has produced at a much higher level then could ever be expected of them. Is this a problem? No. The problem is our fan base has forgot what a rebuild is and almost expect this team to make it to the post season. It is absolutely ridiculous to expect this.

Now a days we click on our favourite pages to discuss our club and we see "Let's trade Nylander for a top 4 defenseman" "We need to load up for a playoff run" we see constant for lack of a better phrase 'Shit Posting" picking apart our team's efforts when this is what should have been expected all along.

I'm not saying we can't support our team or hope they make the post season, that's the what we all HOPE for what I ask is we stop expecting it at least for the remainder of this season.

Yes fans I know that Babcock said "6 points every 5 games" which you're correct is a playoff spot. However Babcock said this is what we hope for, not EXPECT.

I'll leave you with simply that this past couple of weeks with problems in St.Louis and Dallas along with more third-period antics should be a clear-cut reminder that we still have work to do, and that this is still a REBUILD. Stop requesting we trade a top young prospect, stop requesting management patches holes to sneak into the Playoffs and stop expecting this team to already be a playoff team.

If they make it, awesome if we don't we get to add another top young pick to this already over achieving and producing core.

Maple Leafs management is building a team to compete for a decade not looking to just sneak into the Playoffs for one season at the expense of a top young prospect.

It's sad to see what these boys have accomplished in just year 2 of a rebuild be picked apart by unrealistic fans expecting to much. Just take a step back and realize how truly amazing and exciting what this team is capable of and how awesome of a blue print our management has already created.

Ryan GW

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