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Aug 20 2016


Why William Nylander has the strongest case for Rookie Of the year in the NHL in 2016/2017:

Bare with me, I know you guys are thinking wait has this guy been living under a rock and forgot we drafted Matthews? No I haven't.

William Nylander made his long awaited debut last year with the blue and white after the trade deadline almost fresh off of a concussion Injury he had from the WJC.

In just 22GP Nylander picked up 13PTS (7G 6A) which puts him on pace for about 50PTS and in the 25 goal area. I'd like to make it very clear that these numbers were alongside fellow kids and inexperienced NHLers on a very bad Maple Leafs teams 3rd line.

Fast forward to the 2016/2017 season where Nylander is all but guaranteed a spot on the big club, not to mention I MYSELF believe he is placed on the Leafs top line with Kadri and JVR ( Babcock and management have already stated he will play the wing) where the possibilities are endless and I believe if he can stay healthy he will put up a 60pt and 30 Goal rookie campaign.

Worst case scenario I'm wrong and Nylander is on Auston Matthews wing with just as strong of possibility he explodes offensively with the best Calder Season of his rookie counterparts.

-Ryan GW

The Future Is Bright!

Oct. 20th 2016

Ryan GW

We all agree the Maple Leafs in 2016/2017 are a very exciting and fun team to watch, we all also agree there's a lot of growing pains and mistakes all expected with as young of a group as we have, very comparable (of lesser Talent obviously) to Team North America as we just saw at the world Cup.

Now where it gets exciting is when we dig deep into our prospect pool and pull out where and how good we will be 3 years time from now in 2019/2020 season.

Let’s start with the roster I personally believe we'll see in 2019/2020 and break it down from there.

JVR Matthews Nylander
Timashov Kadri Marner
Kapanen Gauthier Bracco
Martin Brown korshkov

Reilly Zaitsev
Nielsen greenway
Dermott Carrick


Now I know there's a lot of 'but's' and 'where's' and 'Why's' but I promise there's a theory to my chaos.

Traded/Released/Bust: Bozak, Holland, Leivo, Lupul, Polak, Hunwick, Komorov, Gardiner, Corrado, Griffith, Rychel.

Still chipping away on the Marlies/Call ups: Johnson, Grundstrom, Deroscher, Dzierkals, Korostelev.

Now I know this doesn't involve everyone, this is just the main players whom I believe have a chance to make the Leafs or be close to making the Leafs in 3 years time.

Now to break down some of my chaos:

First and foremost Komorov: I get it "Why would we ever get rid of Leo" some I know, even forsee him captain, however as seen very early this season, as this team gets faster and more skilled Leo seems more and more out of place. With his rough and tumble style of play his body will beak down and it's only going to get worse (sorry).

Next, Gardiner: With Leafs defense prospects finally starting to shine and build a friendly competition from with-in our organization it's really brought attention to how one dimensional Gardiner truly is, he will give you a shine of offense but that's really about it.. poor defense, inability to read a play on whether or not to jump in ( constantly getting caught).

Bibeau: in my eyes Antoine has all the characteristics to be a late blooming STUD, although yes I get it we've seen flaws in Bibeau's game we've also seen a lot of bright spots especially with our Toronto Marlies where he's recorded a 44-19-6 record. I know many are saying well why has Sparks already got NHL action ? Believe it or not I truly believe Leafs management thinks bibeau could be the real deal and are protecting him from 'Pogge Syndrome'.

If you're asking why Jeffrey Lupul please hand in your Leafs fan card..

Now again this is just one writers opinion which will have an abundance of mixed opinions and I respect that we all have a vision for our teams future and really with how full Hunter and staff have stocked the shelves there truly is no bad combination.

(THIS IS WITH OUR CURRENT ROSTER) obviously there will be additional prospects via drafts and possible trades.

Thanks for reading Leafs Fans and GO LEAFS GO!

Ryan GW

Rocket in Hall of Fame? Yes!

David Hill

Sept. 21st 2016

If one was to look at Roger Clemens career strictly through his statistical accomplishments, there would be absolutely no question that he should be in the Hall of Fame. Over his 24 year career, Clemens posted a 354-184 record with a 3.12 ERA and a 1.173 WHiP, striking out 4672 batters. He won seven Cy Young awards and was an eleven time All-Star. Currently, Clemens ranks ninth all time in wins, third in strikeouts and third in WAR at 139.4. To say that he is not a Hall of Fame pitcher would be laughable, especially as the case could be made that Clemens is amongst the greatest pitchers of all time.

However, Clemens’ career comes with one very large asterisk – the rumors of his usage of PEDs. His former trainer, Brian McNamee, was named in the Mitchell Report as having provided PEDs to Clemens, Andy Pettitte and Chuck Knoblauch, and even kept evidence which he claims proves that Clemens was a PED user. Naturally, Clemens refutes these claims, and maintains that he never took PEDs, arguing that his lack of a third ear in the middle of his forehead is sufficient proof.

In the end, does it truly matter if Roger Clemens took PEDs? It absolutely should not. Clemens pitched during the height of the PED era, when Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds were putting up statistics that would have been impressive in a video game. With the idea that the majority of the league was on some sort of PED at the time, then it would appear as though Clemens had an even playing field.

And yet, the sanctimonious twaddle of majority of the BBWAA would lead one to believe that Clemens cheating, if he did so, is an affront to the sacred game of baseball. Yet, these are the same people that found Gaylord Perry‘s spitball….er….’hard slider’ to be acceptable. Don Sutton‘s scuff ball? Just an example of gamesmanship. But taking PEDs or being suspected of doing so? Blasphemy!!! Clemens and others like him should never enter these sacred halls without paying for a ticket!

Based off this attitude, one would think that a PED user would never be enshrined. But wait – that’s actually not true! Pud Galvin, a pitcher from 1875 through 1892, was noted for taking the PEDs of the time. Back in 1889, Galvin took a serum derived of dog and guinea pig testicles (other reports say that it was derived from monkeys), and promptly pitched a shutout in his next start. Instead of being vilified, Galvin was held up as the shining example that modern medicine could trump the effects of age. Galvin, incidentally, was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1965.

So, if Galvin could find immortality within the sacred halls of Cooperstown, why not Roger Clemens? Why is his performance during the Steroid Era discounted when he, allegedly, was doing what most other players in his time were? After all, unlike the antics of Perry and Sutton, taking PEDs was not expressly against the rules of Major League Baseball at the time, and Clemens never failed a drug test.

The Steroid Era is no different than the Deadball Era or pre-integration. Players from those times are not held in contempt for playing in those conditions, but those of the Steroid Era are facing undue scrutiny. PEDs or no, what Clemens was able to do in that time frame put him amongst the best pitchers in baseball history.

The Baseball Hall of Fame is reserved for the best of the best. With that in mind, Roger Clemens deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Anyone Remember The Guy From Erie?
Ryan GW
​Oct. 1st 2016

Lost in all the hype yet again is Mr. Connor Brown, from winning OHL Most Outstanding player in 2013/2014 with the Erie Otters (128pts in 68GP) to winning AHL Rookie of the year the following year with the Marlies (61pts in 76GP) at a pro level it seems as though Leafs Fans will never give this kid any recognition or spotlight.

Last year out of all the call ups, Connor Brown was the most impressive posting 6pts in 7GP on the 3rd/4th line of the leafs not to mention being apart of the top PK unit in which over the course of those 7 games the Leafs PK ranked 3rd in the entire NHL.

But who do we all only give credit too? Soshnikov ? Who only mustered 5pts in 11 GP on a top line not to mention his struggle with skating and inability to maintain a physical game without getting injured. Not to take anything away from Soshnikov because there is some potential there just a reference.

I project Brown will make the opening night roster and will become silently as always one of the Maple Leafs go to guys for this upcoming season. 

Show some love for Connor Brown, it's about time people.

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ZACH "The Attack" HYMAN

Can he succeed in the NHL?

Kyle MacGillivary

October 21ST 2016

Often overlooked Zach Hyman has above average speed is a very smooth skater along with an incredible work ethic and is coming out of a very successful camp with the Leafs . Hockey Canada named him the 2011 CJHL Player of the Year.

In 2011, Hyman was offered a full Athletic Scholarship and committed to play for the University of Michigan. Hyman was nothing more then average until his senior year at Michigan Playing on the Wolverines top line with freshman Dylan Larkin he was the team’s leading scorer. In 37 games he scored 22 goals and 32 assists for a total other 54 points.

During the 2014–15 season, Hyman won numerous awards, including being named the University of Michigan's Athlete of the Year, a First Team All-American and one of the finalists for the Hobey Baker Award.

Hyman was drafted by the Florida Panthers in the 5th round 123rd overall in 2010. leafs would acquire Hyman's rights in late 2015. He would score his first career NHL goal on March 7th against Chad Johnson of the Buffalo Sabres

Now what most of you probably don't know is, not only is Hyman a professional hockey player, he is also an award winning children's author . He currently has 2 books out. The Bambino and Me and hockey hero with another 2 books to be written one coming out some time 2016 and one in 2017 .

Hyman is a future top-six forward with  hockey awareness that exceeds most if not all former fifth-round picks






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